What is abrasion?

Abrasion is the abnormal wear of a tooth. It is usually caused by a toothpaste that is too abrasive or gritty or by aggressive brushing with a hard bristled brush.


Common symptoms include increased sensitivity to heat. For example, your gums may burn when drinking hot drinks. Some people also report an increased sensitivity to cold. Your teeth may seem to sting when eating cold foods such as ice cream.

If allowed to progress, abrasion can lead to the erosion of tooth enamel.


  • You should use the least abrasive toothpaste possible, i.e. toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
  • You should use a soft toothbrush. Brush with a circular, not back and forward, motion.
  • Brush gently. Plaque is soft and is easily removed, so there’s no need for you to use excessive pressure. Remember to “brush,” not scrub!
  • Do not start from the same tooth every time. This is when toothpaste is most concentrated and aggressive.
  • Reducing the frequency of drinking carbonated drinks and fruit juices with high levels of acidity is the key to preventing erosion of the teeth.

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