Bite class

What is bite class?

There are three categories of bite class. Class I is considered a normal, balanced bite. Class II and III are considered abnormal and can cause problems for the teeth. Luckily for Toothpic patients, certified OralEye Dentists can assess your type of bite. They can then make recommendations for bite correction where necessary.

Symptoms and types of bite class

Class I
Normal bite refers to a class in which the molars bite down in alignment. It is also referred to as a balanced bite.


Class II
Overbite refers to a molar relationship in which the lower molars bite down posterior to the upper molars. This means they bite down towards the back of the mouth.
It is called an overbite because, in this abnormal relationship, the upper jaw and upper front teeth project out over the chin. This creates a convex appearance. In profile, this gives the appearance of receding chin and lower lip.


Class III
Underbite refers to a relationship in which the lower molars are anterior (towards the front) of the upper molars. It is called an underbite because, in this atypical relationship, the lower jaw and lower front teeth project further forward than the upper teeth and jaw. This creates a concave appearance. This gives a profile with a prominent chin and lower lip.


Bite Class treatment can be used to correct an overbite or an underbite. It can require a number of different procedures including the removal of teeth, orthodontic braces, and, in some cases, corrective jaw surgery. Starting this journey can be daunting but a Toothpic assessment is an excellent first step. Our dentists should be able to give you an overview of where you’re at and advice on what to do next.


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