1.75 billion children get online access to the Tooth Fairy

Buy that Tesla you’ve always wanted. Get Bitcoin for your child’s baby teeth.

1 baby tooth

Direct Care
  • 0.10 BTC per tooth
  • Instant access to the Tooth Fairy
  • Convenient to suit your child
  • Bitcoin deposited by 2.30am
Speak to the Tooth Fairy

5+ baby teeth

Direct Care
  • 0.35 BTC per tooth
  • Max. 10 per consult
  • Teeth from one child only
  • Bitcoin deposited by 2.30am
Speak to the Tooth Fairy

Make your child smile brighter

Convenient and hassle-free Tooth Fairy visits

Getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy has never been so easy. Choose the time that suits you for an instant valuation of your child’s baby teeth, at anytime, from anywhere.

The more teeth they lose, the more you earn

Each child has 20 baby teeth. Your child can earn up to 7 Bitcoin (BTC) in their lifetime. The more teeth assessed per consult, the more Bitcoin earned per tooth.

Keep your children safe with social distancing

Get peace of mind knowing you don’t need to worry about late night intruders flying through the window. Connect online to the Tooth Fairy whilst also following social distancing rules.

How to get started?

STEP 1: Video call the Tooth Fairy

Connect with the Tooth Fairy using Toothpic

STEP 2: Show the tooth

Show the Tooth Fairy the tooth to assess

STEP 3: Receive the Bitcoin

Sit back and watch the Bitcoin roll in!

Don’t just take our word for it

"My daughter wasn't feeling well so I didn't want to risk passing the infection to the Tooth Fairy. I used Toothpic to live video call the Tooth Fairy with my daughter and within a matter of minutes she had valued my daughter's teeth. I hope I can pay for her college in Bitcoin in a years to come!"

Bob Leytman
Google Play Store

“This is such a cool app. How has the Tooth Fairy not done this before. I don't know how she gets around to all those children around the world. She must be exhausted. I would rate it a 5 but I wish it wasn't just the Tooth Fairy Toothpic partnered with. I'm hoping they announce a partnership with Santa Claus later in the year"

Melissa Garcia
Google Play Store

“My twin boys loved this. I love this app. We were in the park the other day when one of my sons front tooth fell out. We couldn't wait. We contacted the Tooth Fairy from the park bench through the Toothpic app. The Bitcoin was there as promised by 2.30am"

Angela Rodriguez
Google Play Store

“Really impressed with this app, found it easy to use and really quick. I like how it's 24/7 access as it I work shift work so can't always be there when the Tooth Fairy arrives. I came home from a shift at 5am and may daughter and I called her together. Awesome!"

Damian Smith
Google Play Store

“My kids love this. We've already submitted 5 baby teeth and made 1.75 Bitcoin! 5 more teeth to go and we'll be able to renovate the house!"

Amy Johnson
App Store

"It's about time the Tooth Fairy entered the digital and cryptocurreny age. If Elon Musk is doing it then the Tooth Fairy should definitely be doing it. It's about time we started to make some good money from baby teeth. We make more money and she gets to put her feet up and travel less. Win, win!"

Will Miller
App Store

"Fabulous. I started using Toothpic for Tooth Fairy consults during the pandemic as it made me nervous in case the Tooth Fairy gave my kids Covid-19. She visits so many children around the world every night I just didn't want to take the risk. I hope she continues this partnership with Toothpic as it's awesome".

Dee Daniels
App Store

"Excellent service. I was really impressed with the speed and quality of the valuation the Tooth Fairy gave. The app was really cool and easy to use too. I wasn't planning to have more children but now I think I just might for those valuable baby teeth!!"

Carla Lopez
App Store

Show me the Bitcoin!

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