First of its kind partnership with Toothpic will allow real-time assessment of children’s teeth and cash Bitcoin deposits by 2:30am


NEW YORK, 1 April 2021 (Happy April Fools Day!) – From Today parents across the world will have 24/7 instant access to the Tooth Fairy via their smartphones, as she announces a new relationship with smart dental company, Toothpic. The partnership will help the Tooth Fairy to follow strict social distancing rules, whilst performing virtual consultations to evaluate the cash value of children’s baby teeth directly from her home office.

Once a child loses a tooth, rather than placing it under a pillow, parents will now book a virtual consultation with the Tooth Fairy via the Toothpic teledentistry platform. The Toothpic app, originally intended for connecting patients with licensed dentists remotely, will now connect the Tooth Fairy with families via virtual consultations to assess the missing tooth and its potential value, whilst eliminating the need for travel and contact.

“Gone are the days that I need to be flying all over the world in one night assessing teeth and being weighed down with a bag of coins.” Explains the Tooth Fairy. “This digital method gives me the freedom to communicate with patients effectively, while allowing families to connect directly to me, receive answers and valuations quickly. By working remotely parents can rest easy knowing that they no longer have to worry about late night intruders flying in through the window or their children waking up in the middle of the night due to lumpy coins under their pillows!”

Once virtual valuing has taken place via the Toothpic Platform the Tooth Fairy will deposit the agreed amount digitally via Bitcoin into a specified account at exactly 2:30am (or tooth hurtie in Tooth Fairy timezone) that morning.

“We are using our phones for everything now, from ordering food to checking in on our health,” says Mark Moore, CEO and Co-Founder, Toothpic. “Partnering with the original dentist was the obvious step for Toothpic to continue connecting parents and children across the world with the dental advice they need. We are proud to be working with such a recognizable brand and hope that it will lead to a more convenient and smoother process for all involved.”

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