Smile Score

By answering a few simple health and habit questions, you can get your Smile Score on a scale of 1-10 and get an overview of your dental health.

See where your smile ranks in your locality and learn how to improve your dental health and possibly raise your score enough to go for the gold medal.


If you want to improve your smile score, get a full dental report from Toothpic and learn how to improve your dental health.


Oral Care


Lifestyle Habits

How itʼs calculated

The dental score is a combination of your lifestyle habits, including:

  • your oral care routine
  • your diet
  • habits, including smoking etc.

Discover your level


Your smile is really healthy, keep up the good work! Check in again whenever you want an update on your dental health.


Your dental health is pretty good but you can improve a little bit, learn more about good habits and how to improve your score.


Your dental health isn't perfect. Now is the time to take charge of your oral health and prevent issues!


You need to take action on your dental health! Your habits, health and dental care aren't up to scratch right now, so let's improve that.

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