500+ board certified dentists with 4,000+ years experience

Dr. Peter H. Chen
DDS, DMSc, New York - Harvard Medical School, 2016
Dr. Eileen Buckle
DDS, Maryland - University of Michigan, 2008
Dr. Chernara Baker
DDS, Illinois - University of Illinois, 2008
Dr. Loretta Matic
DMD, Tennessee - Southern Illinois University, 1995
Dr. Barry Taller
DMD, New Jersey - Temple University, 2015
Dr. Amir Kazim
DMD, Washington - Howard University, 2014
Dr. Essence Page
DDS, California - University of Southern California, 2012

You’re in safe hands

Our industry leading dentists have trained in America’s top dental schools. Combined they have over 4,000 years experience in dental practice. Our online dentists care for 37 million Americans with Toothpic.

100% secure and private

We treat your information with the highest level of confidentiality and security. Toothpic operates within HIPAA-compliance guidance. We’re committed to your privacy and safety.

“I’ve been in practice for over 20 years and thought it would take a lot to surprise me. I was shocked at how effective smartphone images are for treating patients. I thrive on helping patients eliminate pain and gain self-confidence with their smiles. Toothpic is revolutionary. It’s cutting edge. It’s the future of enhancing your health and smile.”

Dr. Brian D. Vancil, DMD

Dedicated to quality care

We offer dental care under the highest standards of clinical guidelines. Our online dentists give advice, diagnosis and treatment options within these guidelines. All advice given has your best interests and health in mind.

Tailored to you

Connect to a dentist that’s local to you. Our online dentists provide impartial advice and care that’s focused on you. It’s easy to understand with a personalized touch. There’s no jargon, just great care, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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