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Whether you’re on your break from work or wake up at 2 a.m. with pain. Our online dentists are here to help, whenever and wherever you are.

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Creating your account is easy. Answer a few simple questions about your oral health and share any concerns you may have.

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Share up to 6 images of your mouth and teeth to get a quality consult and report. We’ll guide you through to take the best pictures possible.

In-depth oral health report within 24 hours

Receive a detailed, written report after your consult. This includes diagnosis, advice, treatment options, costs and next steps.

Check out what our members say

"I got a report on my dental care within 24 hours from a real dentist! All from taking some detailed photos. It was a great way to supplement my dental work. I even showed the report to my dentist and they checked out some of the areas that were noted. Highly recommend!"

Alex Leytman
Google Play Store

“I really enjoyed this app and it makes communicating information to a dentist really simple and is alot easier than having to take a trip to the dentist office for answers."

Try It2
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“Excellent. Very easy to understand and follow the instructions."

Finola Fahey
Google Play Store

“Really impressed with this app, found it easy to use and the results were quick and detailed. Great way to keep track of your dental health between dentist visits and for getting any particular problems checked out. Highly recommend!"

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“Really helpful app. I know I should go to the dentist more often but Toothpic is the perfect way to stay on top of my dental health, costs a lot less and only takes a few minutes. Really helpful overall!"

App Store

"I work in hospitality and don't have time to get to the dentist with a hectic work schedule and unsociable hours. Toothpic was a perfect way for me to get fast dental advice to see how urgent my issue was. Service was quick and efficient all from the comfort of my home..."

funkadelic songs by nieve
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"Fabulous. I started using toothpic when I could not visit my dentist during the pandemic. I always like to do a check in twice a year so wanted to make sure I kept up with this despite not being able to visit the dentist in person..."

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"Excellent service. I was really impressed with the speed and quality of my report from the dentist. They were able to answer my dental problem and give me advice about some other issues that I didn't know I had! I will definitely use it again in the future."

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