Meet your members when they are most in need

The Toothpic platform engages members to get the care they need in an affordable way using the latest consumer technology.


Toothpic makes getting dental care easy for patients who otherwise wouldn’t use their benefits.

ER Redirection

Toothpic targets high risk population members proactively to intervene before members attend the ER offering a simple alternative to expensive ER visits.


Toothpic meets members where they are - social media and online with chat and messaging that results in care.

See it for yourself

Book a demo of the Toothpic Platform for Government Programs that answers all your questions.

Where can you meet us next?

The Toothpic team will be attending or presenting at the following events. Reach out to meet up if you will be there too.


Las Vegas, Nevada

01/08/19 – 01/11/19


Dallas, Texas

01/28/19 – 01/30/19


Berlin, Germany

09/06/19 – 09/11/19

Case studies

See how Toothpic can engage, manage and provide an overall better experience for members of Government Dental Programs.