Direct Care Report

The Toothpic Direct Care Report provides a quick, focussed report to help you get the dental advice you need when something’s gone wrong. Take 1 photo of an issue area and get a report in under 6 hours.

Reasons for using Direct Care

Pain at night

“I woke up in the middle of the night with an ache in my lower gums, so I got a Direct Care Report, and found out what was wrong and how to relieve the pain until I could get an appointment, which the Toothpic team organised.”

Concerns about kid’s teeth

“I was worried about my son’s tooth, but didn’t want to drag him to the dentist if it was nothing, so the Direct Care Report helped me to understand more about his teeth, and improve his brushing.”

Chipped tooth

“I work a job that means I can’t just get up and go, so when I fell and chipped my tooth on the way in, it was great to get a report to make sure the damage wasn’t too bad, and to get an appointment booked within 24 hours.”

Fear of the dentist

“I hate going to the dentist so it I ignored a pain in my mouth for a long time, and knew I would need some dental work… but I could check it out without having to sit in the chair yet, and it made it easier to go in knowing what was coming.”

Your report will include

Comprehensive notes

on the issue you highlighted

Areas on the photo highlighted

to show where problems may be

Advice on next steps

including treatment and homecare updates

Price guidelines

for treatments needed

Access to the Dentist Directory

if you need to visit a dentist

Links to the Complete Care Report

and to homecare products

Donʼt want to wait for the

Download Toothpic and get the answers
you need now.

Toothpic is HIPAA compliant

and secure