None of us ever expects to be hit with a dental injury- “it won’t happen to me, my teeth are fine”. But if it can happen to Oscar-winning actors, then it can happen to anyone. Not convinced? Keep reading…

Viggo Mortensen, who played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, found himself in trouble on set. While filming a fight scene for The Two Towers, Mortensen chipped one of his front teeth! He also broke two toes and narrowly avoided drowning, so maybe a chipped tooth isn’t bad going.

Daniel Craig had two of his front teeth knocked out while filming Casino Royale, his first James Bond movie. The damage was so severe that Craig’s dentist had to be flown in from London. If it can happen to 007, it can happen to anyone.

Charlize Theron cracked two of her back teeth when training for her role in Atomic Blonde. That seems pretty reasonable, given the amount of high-paced action in the movie, but her injury wasn’t from a hit. According to her, the teeth cracked because she was clenching them while she was fighting and the injury required surgery.

Jackie Chan’s list of injuries over the years reads like a who’s who of medical emergencies, so it’s hardly surprising that there’s a dental injury in there. He chipped his tooth early on, while filming Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow in 1978.

It’s not just action movies that pose a danger and it’s not just the people in front of the camera who are at risk. During the filming of Deliverance (1972), screenwriter James Dickey and film director John Boorman allegedly got into a fistfight on set. The writer broke Boorman’s nose and knocked out some of his teeth.

Kristin Chenoweth sustained serious injuries when a piece of the lighting rig fell on her while on the set of TV hit The Good Wife.  She fractured her skull, broke her nose, and had spinal and rib injuries, and cracked her teeth.

You might think it would be safer to just stick to yoga and dance classes to avoid all these dental injuries they seem to be picking up. But you’d be wrong . Radio presenter Bobby Bones injured his mouth twice last year in training for Dancing with the Stars. He stated “I had to fill out a lot of paperwork, because I got hit really hard. There was blood and a tooth.”

You might think that you would expect tooth injuries when it comes to sports, but even the rich and famous can be taken by surprise. Kevin Mitchell was a San Francisco 1989 MVP and you might think he injured himself on the field.  He actually chipped his tooth biting into on microwaved frozen donut.

Even being toothless isn’t enough to spare you from dental injury. Back in 1923, Boston Red Sox rookie pitcher Clarence Blethen thought he looked meaner without his false teeth when he was on the mound. He took them out and stashed them in his back pocket. This decision soon came back to bite him in the rear (literally). Later in the game, he tried to slide into second base and the dentures bit down. Blethen needed to leave the game for medical attention.

These injuries may seem uncommon, or even like something that could only happen in an Adam Sandler comedy. But the truth is people across America get dental injuries every day – we just tend not to think about them. But when they do strike, it’s important to know what to do and who to turn to for advice. With Toothpic, you can get a dental report in just a few hours, when something unexpected happens. Get a dental report now!

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