Complete Care Report

The Toothpic Complete Care Report includes comprehensive, personal feedback from your Toothpic dentist. Learn about your overall dental health and find out how you can improve your homecare routine.

Reasons for using Complete Care

Getting to an appointment with kids

“I like to stay on top of my health but as a mom it can be hard to find time for my own appointments, let alone the kids! The Complete Care Report meant I could check in on my dental health in detail from home.”


“I was worried about crowding in my mouth and wanted a second opinion, and it was simple to get a report straight to my phone.”

Teeth whitening

“I’m too busy to go to the dentist as often as I should, but I wanted to learn about teeth whitening, without committing to a specific dentist yet.”

General dental health

“I wanted to see if my dental health was up to scratch but didn’t have the time or money to go to the dentist yet, so Toothpic was the perfect solution.”

Your report will include

Your issue marked

on your photo by your Toothpic dentist

Comprehensive notes

on your general dental health

Advice on next steps

including treatment plans and homecare advice

Price guidelines

for any treatment needed

Links to homecare products

and dental routine advice

Access to the Dentist Directory

if you need to make an appointment

Donʼt want to wait for the

Download Toothpic and get the answers
you need now.

Toothpic is HIPAA compliant

and secure