First of its kind partnership with Toothpic will allow real-time assessment of children’s teeth and cash Bitcoin deposits by 2:30am


NEW YORK, 1 April 2021 (Happy April Fools Day!) – From Today parents across the world will have 24/7 instant access to the Tooth Fairy via their smartphones, as she announces a new relationship with smart dental company, Toothpic. The partnership will help the Tooth Fairy to follow strict social distancing rules, whilst performing virtual consultations to evaluate the cash value of children’s baby teeth directly from her home office.

Once a child loses a tooth, rather than placing it under a pillow, parents will now book a virtual consultation with the Tooth Fairy via the Toothpic teledentistry platform. The Toothpic app, originally intended for connecting patients with licensed dentists remotely, will now connect the Tooth Fairy with families via virtual consultations to assess the missing tooth and its potential value, whilst eliminating the need for travel and contact.

“Gone are the days that I need to be flying all over the world in one night assessing teeth and being weighed down with a bag of coins.” Explains the Tooth Fairy. “This digital method gives me the freedom to communicate with patients effectively, while allowing families to connect directly to me, receive answers and valuations quickly. By working remotely parents can rest easy knowing that they no longer have to worry about late night intruders flying in through the window or their children waking up in the middle of the night due to lumpy coins under their pillows!”

Once virtual valuing has taken place via the Toothpic Platform the Tooth Fairy will deposit the agreed amount digitally via Bitcoin into a specified account at exactly 2:30am (or tooth hurtie in Tooth Fairy timezone) that morning.

“We are using our phones for everything now, from ordering food to checking in on our health,” says Mark Moore, CEO and Co-Founder, Toothpic. “Partnering with the original dentist was the obvious step for Toothpic to continue connecting parents and children across the world with the dental advice they need. We are proud to be working with such a recognizable brand and hope that it will lead to a more convenient and smoother process for all involved.”

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Innovative Mobile App Gives Delta Dental Members New Way to Connect with a Dentist to Ensure Greater Access to Oral Healthcare


NEW YORK – Members of Delta Dental of California and its affiliates will now have access to remote dental consultations via their smartphones through a partnership with Smart Dental company Toothpic. As a result of this collaboration every Delta Dental of California PPO™ and Delta Dental Premier® member will be able to access the new virtual channel that will enable oral health issues to be diagnosed, oral hygiene monitored and cosmetic consultations carried out from the comfort of their own homes.

The partnership will see Delta Dental of California integrate Toothpic’s Smart Dental technology into its product offerings, developing a new range of digital channels for its members. For Delta Dental of California members lacking access to a local dentist, those with a disability, or of an advanced age affecting mobility, the app ensures routine care and prevention with any dental-related questions and concerns addressed by an in-network dentist within 24 hours.

Using Toothpic’s cloud-based software and a mobile application, users will upload photos of their teeth which are then shared with a Delta Dental of California in-network dentist for diagnosis. The app guides users through the imaging process using an augmented reality interface, while cloud-based software employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to assist the interpretation of dental images. “Oral health is critical to overall health and so the benefits of convenient access to care are significant,” said Kevin Jackson, executive vice president and chief growth officer of Delta Dental of California. “As we continually look for ways to serve our customers, members and providers,virtual tools hold great potential to deliver care safely and easily, whenever and wherever it is needed.”

This ultra-personalized approach revolutionizes the traditional teledentistry model, minimizing the requirement for users to wait for appointments and provides real-time updates on members’ oral health.

“Just as we have collectively sought to find ways to maintain our physical and mental health under challenging circumstances during the pandemic, we now have an opportunity to explore and embrace new ways to improve ongoing oral healthcare,” explains Mark Moore, CEO and Co-founder, Toothpic. “Smart Dental is a milestone moment for the industry as it moves from treatment to preventative oral healthcare using digital technologies. Together with Delta Dental of California, we are opening access to a greater number of people with a new channel that enables more frequent, stress free and inexpensive preventative oral healthcare.”

About Toothpic

Toothpic is a leading smart dental technology company on a mission to radically transform people’s oral health. Toothpic leverages technology, data and insights to deliver better care, better outcomes and a more personalized experience. Toothpic partners with ambitious organizations including health plans, dental providers and oral care companies to expand access to care, increase quality and improve oral health outcomes for individuals. Since 2012 the company has leveraged the power of technologies including smartphone imagery, artificial intelligence and data-driven insights to complement its deep clinical expertise and rapidly growing teledentistry network of over 500 providers across all 50 states. These partners are the largest and most progressive oral health companies globally, helping define and build a future of dental care that is integrated, accessible and designed to achieve improved outcomes and higher-quality care at a lower cost for all. More information about Toothpic can be found

About Delta Dental of California

Since 1955, Delta Dental of California has offered comprehensive, high quality oral health care coverage to millions of enrollees and built the strongest network of dental providers in the country. The Delta Dental of California enterprise includes its affiliates, Delta Dental Insurance Company, Delta Dental of Pennsylvania, Delta Dental of New York, Inc., and provides dental benefits to more than 36 million people across 15 states and the District of Columbia; and includes the national DeltaCare USA network. All are members of the Delta Dental Plans Association, based in Oak Brook, Illinois, the not-for-profit national association that collectively covers millions of people nationwide. For more information about Delta Dental of California, please visit

Life is short. Smile while you have teeth

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Ireland’s technology scene has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade, with a growing VC scene, plenty of startups and tech giants attracted by the nation’s favorable tax incentives and talent pool.

Google, Facebook, Slack, Microsoft and Dropbox each have a European headquarters sited in Dublin. As the EU’s only remaining English-language speaking hub, Ireland is attracting more diversity in its founders than ever before, plus the tech diaspora is returning to its roots as the ecosystem matures.

TechCrunch surveyed five local VCs to find out if they had any wisdom to share with TechCrunch readers who are considering hiring, investing or founding a company in Ireland this year.

Andrew O’Neill, principal, Act Venture Capital calls out Toothpic as one of the tech start-ups in their portfolio experiencing major growth since the pandemic.


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Life is short. Smile while you have teeth

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