There are two types of people in the office…

There are two types of people in the office…

We all have strong opinions at times. It makes up part of who we are. Whether we think about it or not, we usually have a set way of doing things or a preference and sometimes there is no right or wrong answer.

Pineapple on pizza: yes or no? Does the milk or the cereal go in first? There are some very strong opinions out there on topics we all share – entertainment, food, habits.

We took a poll on some of these more popular topics in the Toothpic office and the results were definitely surprising.  


  • Pineapple on pizza: 63% in our office say yes!
  • Milk or cereal first: everyone here agrees that the cereal HAS to go in first.
  • 36% of our office take a risk and have only 1 alarm set, while some of us have at least 5.
  • 27% of us watch stuff on our laptops instead of on TV.
  • Over 80% of our office are dog people. Dash, who hangs out in the office may have something to do with it.
  • 63% of our office are console fans, while the rest are PC fans.
  • Two thirds of the team prefer over ear headphones to the in ear version.
  • 72% of the Toothpic crew think burritos are better than burrito bowls.
  • 18% of the office brush their teeth before breakfast, while the other 82% brush after.


There will always be things we disagree on, but we all know we should take better care of our dental health but we just don’t do it. At least now, whether you’re a little bit of a control freak, or an ‘I’ll deal with it when I have to’ type of person, we can help make your life a little easier.

Get a dental report that suits you from Toothpic. Whether it’s a fully comprehensive Complete Care Report about your overall oral health, or a Direct Care Report that focuses on a single problem area, you can get an answer from a dentist in under 24 hours.